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EEM24: The International Conference on the European Energy Market

GLocalFlex presents a research paper on flexibility solutions at the EEM24 conference in Istanbul.

21 Jun 2024

The GLocalFlex project participated in the 20th International Conference on the European Energy Market, held in Istanbul, Turkey, from June 10th to 12th. Hosted by the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development (CESD) at Kadir Has University, the event gathered experts from the scientific, industrial, and policy sectors to discuss various energy market topics. These included energy modelling, market design, regulatory policies, and climate change. A key focus was on the anticipated changes in the energy sector and the accompanying challenges in the short and long term.

GLocalFlex submitted a research paper titled GLocalFlex, New Flexibility Solutions and Services: Cross-Pilot Overarching Business Use Cases,” co-authored by Carlos Madina Doñabeitia, Inés Gómez Arriola, Maider Santos Mugica, and Amaia González Garrido from TECNALIA, along with Pirkko Kuusela, Arttu Tamminen, and Stephan Mehnert from VTT. The paper was presented by Amaia González Garrido during one of the conference sessions. The presentation is available here, and the paper will soon be accessible on IEEE Xplore.

The research paper presented a description of the overarching Business Use Cases (BUCs), which reflect the main objectives of the specific BUCs proposed by the different GLocalFlex pilots, their relevance for the different pilots, and how the use of the GLocalFlex market will contribute to facilitating the participation of small consumers in the provision of flexibility.

The conference addressed various topics, but one message was clear: achieving climate neutrality requires significant flexibility. This flexibility can come from conventional power plants, batteries, hydrogen, grid infrastructure, demand response, or electric vehicles. The flexibility of prosumers was a central theme, with discussions on virtual batteries, Battery-as-a-Service, smart charging, vehicle-to-X, peer energy sharing, and local energy markets.