GLocalFlex 4th General Assembly in Prague

GLocalFlex convened its fourth consortium meeting in Prague, a two-day event encompassing technical tours, panel discussions, and workshops aimed at fostering collaboration among partners.

On May 15th and 16th, the fourth plenary meeting of GLocalFlex convened in Prague, Czechia. Co-hosted by ČVUT – Czech Technical University in Prague and the Municipality of Kladno, the event brought together representatives from the project’s 23 partners.

The meeting aimed to present the overall project status to all parties, provide an overview of the project’s seven work packages, and establish the forthcoming steps to realise GLocalFlex’s goals.

On May 15th, the consortium visited the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) at ČVUT, one of the demonstration sites for the GLocalFlex project, for a technical tour. This was followed by a visit to another Czech demonstration site: the ice hockey rink in Kladno. There, the partners had the opportunity to see the stadium’s energy systems, including the ice preparation devices.

In the afternoon, partners gathered in a packed auditorium at the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning in Prague for the “Energy Flexibility Forum: Advancing Building and Management Solutions” panel discussion, co-organised by GLocalFlex and ČVUT. This event, hosted by Vojtěch Zavřel (ČVUT), featured three experts from the International Energy Agency’s EBC Annex 81/82 initiatives and three industry representatives from the GLocalFlex project.

On the second day, the General Assembly meeting was held. The meeting began with each Work Package leader providing a general overview of the work completed and the next steps. After all partners were updated on the project status, our new project partner, CanaryBit, was formally introduced.

In the afternoon, partners participated in parallel workshops within Work Package 6, which focuses on activities to ensure high potential for replication from technical, economic, and social standpoints.

The General Assembly concluded with an Energy Nexus Cluster event. As the first event to bring together projects that have joined since its inception earlier this year, this networking opportunity facilitated introductions and discussions on their approaches to standardisation and ethics within the scope of their projects.

This consortium meeting was a highly enriching opportunity for everyone, giving all partners the chance to demonstrate their commitment to the project.